Saturday, 2 May 2015

It Is You Who Matters

Again, she sat in the same wooden chair resting her right arm near the laptop's num pad while her left elbow resting faintly on the glass top table, with her wrist, tilted in a way where she can cup her face with her fingers.
She was back, this time with a little pain, a little gain, and a little buoyancy.
Life sometimes kicks you in a way, where you don't move ahead, rather you fall. And that fall is powerful enough to bruise your knees and your ego, for you fell.
She fell, too hard, hard enough to bruise her whole soul because sometimes there are "problems with no name" and you yearn for the solutions but you get entangled in its wittily woven cobweb.
There are times when you need someone to whom you can talk about your messed up life, someone who won't let you fall and will become your exuberant wall.
Her blemished ego didn't approve of people, it was the time when even the idea of talking and fighting with people nauseated her. And the best part of these worst times were nobody came up. People called her, sang the melodious songs of their own troubles and hung up without even asking about her. People text-ed her, told her that they want a pizza and disappeared.
Occasionally, messages like "how are you" sent to a person with whom you talk on the daily basis can do wonder, give it a try.
But nobody did that.
Too much sadness? eh?

Don't worry my friend, she ain't weak. She learned to live with these words.
After seeing her at the distance of few centimeters, all I can say is: "now I understand why parents teach language and not signs to a child of merely 2 years, because they know that those words will befriend the lost psyche of their child".
She now came on the verge of boycotting people, serve those who serve you. Don't believe in I love yous, don't believe in I will be there for you because these are the sweetest lies. Rather believe in someone who makes you feel that. Isn't this life all about emotions and feelings? No. It isn't. It is all about the blend of everything grated with words, letters, sweet messages, and of course! cupcakes.
Let the world blabber about their own adversities, take a break my friend and think about yourself. You are the one who matters, your life is about you, it is your story rest everything is a sub-plot, and hello, I love you. :)
Ok? Bye.


  1. Yep it's your story and its building up quite nicely, it's gonna be amazing and I want in on it.

  2. After a long time i read an article which really made think about her ( my girl)...

    Its a perfect description of a lonely girl waiting for someone to make her feel confident, loving, etc...

    Good One...!!

  3. Again, written with rich and vivid detail. Descriptive, exhaustive and really touching. Something to which everyone can relate, not only a she. I love the ending where you say, life is about you. In a world where people are too engrossed in pleasing every other person, we fail to cater to ourselves. As mentioned in one of your other blogs, 'Why be a puppet in the hands of people's opinion?'. Yet again, way to go, Riya.