Sunday, 25 October 2015

To the Unnamed

And you are back again like the coolest breeze that you contain in your soul, to haunt me for days. I thought, it will be a little late this time. The October didn't contain much of you. But I guess, I was too naive to understand your fallacy. And the fact that nothing can stop you, scares me. I wonder if you will still act dark and mean like you did the last year? Did you change? Or are you still the same? Will you cage me again in your scary sights, sleepless and wintry nights? Please be a little lenient this time! Please be a little calm. Let the river of happiness flow through the walls of my soul and let rest of the things suspend in a little corner. 

Don't allow melancholy to flow in with you. Please ask the cottony snow to be merciful. Ask it not to conquer the city of my heart.

Let the moon and the stars breathe along with the vast clouds that you bring with yourself. Don't suffocate the surroundings with the cold and depressing puff of air.
The leaves, they fall as they hear you come. The birds, they start strengthening their nest out of the fear you induce. Me, I sit here, pleading you to be soft and humble.
I wonder why can't you just freeze where you are! why cannot you just stop melting and flowing aimlessly?
But not everything you wonder turns out to be true. It is all an illusion and that is why they are called the wonders. 
But again, at least I can request you! I don't hate you. Hatred kills us from within. It just puts me at unrest. It appears stormy, cold and dark.
So please, let me savour you this year and I will savour you forever.
Let me cuddle the wind and nuzzle the snowflakes. Let me hold you, gently and live with you, so that the next time when you come, neither of us feel alone.