Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Thin Biased Thread

There was a thin biased thread that lay between her and her other half. She felt inferior at every minutest second of a minute. It was ripping her off, taking away her soul and making her weak. She didn't shed a salty drop of water visible to the world but shed, the painful blood, invisible to everyone.
She wanted somebody to become her threshold, somebody to control her. But "WHO CARES?". She wished and that was all she ever did. A wish that god will never fulfil. She wanted to part away from the upcoming bruises and the marks of past but they will stay forever, even if they disappear.
She was goaded to smile and dared to die, while nobody knew that she will live the death, smiling her soul out. The reason was strong for the thread so thin, it broke her like anything. She was a daughter considered as sin.
Kenneth © 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,

Don't let his cheeks bear the pain of tears but let his lips bear the divided weight of happiness. 
Oh! My Dear Diary, give him all what he want but take whatever he is willing to lose and give it to me.
Oh! My Diary, listen, keep him safe in a safe. 

If ever I meet him and ask , what was he doing for so long, make him answer about how happy he was but also let him sing of his pains, so that I can memorize them and never let them occur again. 

When I ask him his wish I want him to take your name My Dear Diary. I want him to say "Your Dear Diary" because it will be you who fulfilled my wishes and gave him the happiness. And when he reads you, make him realize that someone missed him all her life. Someone was writing, keeping him in her memories, someone had let her tear drops fall on your page. 

Tell him how wet you got when those drops collected and you were ready to tear yourself in my pain.
Make him embrace you with his soft fingers. 

My Dear Diary, please don't let his cheeks bear the pain of tears. 
Kenneth ©

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A Wish To Never See Him Again

Life is like a crazy ball. The harder you throw the higher you bounce back.
He was like a spring season. Daily I woke up while rubbing my eyes I received a sweet Good Morning text. I smiled. My day started with a smile and ended with it. But it was like a child smiling while sleeping. He doesn't know why he is smiling, lost in his dreams he just smiles. I realize that I was the same child back then.


I smile at the empty coffee mug which he gave me. It now has the coffee coloured dust over it. 

I wink at the hat he once gave me. He said "It looks good when you have your hair open with this hat on!!". 

I run on the road where he once held my hand, so tight that it ached. But I kept quiet because he would have left it then. 

I re-read the book he gave me thinking which line he had dedicated to me. 

I don't open the message icon in my phone because it has no message from him.

I love to cry the tears he once held because now they miss those hands. 

All I wish is to never see him again.  I bade him a goodbye years ago. And I now have a long way to go.


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Another Day

Today was just another day when I inhaled the same air, in the same room, on the same bed. I was confused about my plans but that is how it was suppose to be. A book and a phone was all I had when I needed a friend and a bottle of beer. Sunday is a funday as people claim it to be. But the fun lacked today like the stinky smell clinging to the cover of a perfume bottle, a cover which can never have a smell. I walked with a fractured leg to the balcony. Where my eyes spotted a couple of friends sitting on vehicles and gossiping. I too wished to be a part of such a group of friends but, I guess it is my mistake for, I am too scared of getting betrayed by a friend I would make.
Dull and sad, covered with smile exactly like the dust and cobwebs cover a rotten place, I came back to the same room and inhaled the same air on the same bed.
Kenneth ©

Saturday, 4 October 2014

I Failed Today

While scrolling down my phone's screen I was tensed. No!! No!! Noo... I was relaxed. I guess I was tensed. Hold on! I was confused as I saw a notification.
"We broke."
"We broke up. He doesn't have time for me. He is too busy for me."
It took me to my past. How it was. When he had no time for me just because he got someone else. Isn't it amazing? How time belongs to everyone and yes! It belonged to someone else's of his as well.
I am sleepy. I can't write. I am full of guilt for I failed today.
"You were in trouble. You were sick. I didn't wish to give you more troubles. You are delicate. I love you. I said i missed you. You came. I am glad." She then said.
All I got to know was as a friend I failed. 
Kenneth ©