Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Thin Biased Thread

There was a thin biased thread that lay between her and her other half. She felt inferior at every minutest second of a minute. It was ripping her off, taking away her soul and making her weak. She didn't shed a salty drop of water visible to the world but shed, the painful blood, invisible to everyone.
She wanted somebody to become her threshold, somebody to control her. But "WHO CARES?". She wished and that was all she ever did. A wish that god will never fulfil. She wanted to part away from the upcoming bruises and the marks of past but they will stay forever, even if they disappear.
She was goaded to smile and dared to die, while nobody knew that she will live the death, smiling her soul out. The reason was strong for the thread so thin, it broke her like anything. She was a daughter considered as sin.
Kenneth © 

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