Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A Wish To Never See Him Again

Life is like a crazy ball. The harder you throw the higher you bounce back.
He was like a spring season. Daily I woke up while rubbing my eyes I received a sweet Good Morning text. I smiled. My day started with a smile and ended with it. But it was like a child smiling while sleeping. He doesn't know why he is smiling, lost in his dreams he just smiles. I realize that I was the same child back then.


I smile at the empty coffee mug which he gave me. It now has the coffee coloured dust over it. 

I wink at the hat he once gave me. He said "It looks good when you have your hair open with this hat on!!". 

I run on the road where he once held my hand, so tight that it ached. But I kept quiet because he would have left it then. 

I re-read the book he gave me thinking which line he had dedicated to me. 

I don't open the message icon in my phone because it has no message from him.

I love to cry the tears he once held because now they miss those hands. 

All I wish is to never see him again.  I bade him a goodbye years ago. And I now have a long way to go.