Saturday, 4 October 2014

I Failed Today

While scrolling down my phone's screen I was tensed. No!! No!! Noo... I was relaxed. I guess I was tensed. Hold on! I was confused as I saw a notification.
"We broke."
"We broke up. He doesn't have time for me. He is too busy for me."
It took me to my past. How it was. When he had no time for me just because he got someone else. Isn't it amazing? How time belongs to everyone and yes! It belonged to someone else's of his as well.
I am sleepy. I can't write. I am full of guilt for I failed today.
"You were in trouble. You were sick. I didn't wish to give you more troubles. You are delicate. I love you. I said i missed you. You came. I am glad." She then said.
All I got to know was as a friend I failed. 
Kenneth ©


  1. You are an amazing writer ! Keep it up ! Don't let guilt bring you down ! You can't be everywhere at all the times ! :))