Saturday, 24 January 2015

Forget Me

Waiting is something nobody likes and so was the case with her, she didn't like it either. But waiting for him, everyday with a bowl of Maggi seemed interesting to her. Daily she drove a km. just to wait for him and then see him come after 10 minutes of her arrival. But there was a lot that she did before his coming.  She would go to the "Classic Ice Cream Parlour" and buy a bowl of Butter Maggi and a Blueberry ice-cream cup. And then she would walk to a peaceful park and think about all the moments they together had.
She did the same today but there was something different, something rare. Instead of driving 1 km., she drove 2 km. She took the long way to the same lovy-dovy place. Something lying behind the back of her mind disturbed her. She drove too fast, something she was scolded for. But the final destination is what mattered the most.
She went and took the same Butter Maggi and an ice-cream cup.
"These noodles are more complicated than my life" she said to her hot bowl of maggi, laughing and thinking about him. What occupied her restless brain was his thoughts. It was only during her exams that she had something else on her mind. The brain would feel thankful for getting rid of him for atleast a period of ten days.
She then slowly walked towards her final destination, which was a park with only two benches and one swing. It seemed as if no one came there. The park was tranquilized but her soul was jittery and impatient.
Today, again she did the same thing. She sat on the bench with the hot bowl, warming her hands and melting ice-cream cooling her legs. She waited... She enjoyed waiting for him. She recalled all her past memories and thought about the upcoming ones.
The time when she would get angry and sit on the bench lying parallel to the first bench, He would come and sit beside her. She again changed her place and a mild kiss on her blushed cheeks shoo-ed her anger, away.
The time when they walked in the park, hands in hands and sometimes with their pinkies locked together, as if they won't ever leave each other,
The time when she became the reason of his burnt taste buds because the impatient her didn't wait the Maggi to cool down. Cool down? was the maggi angry too? Oh yeah! A kiss of his...
The time when he would snatch her phone and check it with sheer possessiveness, that every girl wants her guy to have.
The time when he would make fun of her because she looked beautiful! but compliment her when she didn't look much beautiful, because that was the time when she wanted him to compliment her.
They were perfect for each other.
And she was recalling those sweet memories while slowly she ate from her hot bowl of Maggi,
She waited and waited and waited.
Today was different and 30 minutes passed. The blueberry ice-cream turned into an ice-cream shake. Wow! moment. When you pay more for a shake and less for an ice-cream! Buy a cup of ice-cream and wait for a person, recollecting all the memories you have ever had. And after few minutes, watch the ice-cream turn into shake.
She waited, waited and waited...
Now the thought that ached inside her restless brain was, will he come? Is he coming? Why didn't he turn up till now?
"Too much pain for a sensible heart."
She still waited. Smiling that he would come, calling back all the good times until the empty ice-cream cup fell on the mud due to the vibration of her phone. She picked up the cup and kept it back on the bench thinking that she would throw her while going back home. 
She got excited when she saw the display showing his name. But her broadened smile faded when the first tear fell from her right eye. 
Her hands were trembling and heartbeat was too fast, She broke down and wanted to yell. Her restlessness was all lost. It disappeared with her fading smile.
The message read:
"Forget me please."
She felt like that ice-cream cup that fell few minutes ago, empty and broken but there was nobody to pick her up. She melted like the ice-cream that melted minutes ago. Nobody, to support her brokenness at that very moment. Forgetting was not easy, forgetting is not easy, exactly like the waiting. 
But a broken person, in the end is left with nothing except the broken trust and dreams. But she got rid of the waiting... waiting for someone who asked her to forget him. 
But now she will wait for someone, who would stay, no matter how hard it would be, and that waiting seems tough. 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

They Can Be Best Friends Too

The love he recieved was excruciating while what he gave was staunch. 
A friend he is, a person who reflected her thoughts. Hurt and battered, he still had the courage to love. Having courage is what she learnt from him. 
He told her things of great consequence but she opposed all of them.
Inside she knew he was right and she followed them too.
His lessons well learnt by her. A survivor who is brave enough in her eyes. 
He is a friend who left his mother on her birthday for two hours and met her because she was sad. He is a friend who made her laugh while he did silly tricks on his bike. He is a friend who loved her "yaaayy thing". He is a friend she loves from all her heart. He is a friend she would regret losing. He is a friend who is not disgusted by the way she walks or talks or cry or laugh or think. He knows exactly what she wants, a swing and a sunset with an innocent goat.
We are lovers, we are friends. Friends love each other and we are the loving friends. Lovers are not always a girlfriend and a boyfriend. They can be BEST FRIENDS TOO.
Baby 😂
Dedicated blog 💖

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Lessons of Life

The sky is drooling on the thought of people celebrating new year or maybe on the thought of people sitting in their blankets. While she sat there near the open window where the rain droplets are trying to reach her. Beside her hands lay The Best Laid Plan by Sidney Sheldon which she is trying to read from last one week. It talks about newspaper, an insane lady trying to buy the biggest newspaper company in Washington, DC. She is still on page no. 166, re-reading the line that says "...the sound of their laughter filled the air", while here the air is filled with knocking silence. 
Some of the biggest lessons of life are learnt from books. Sheldon taught her that. The person Leslie (the insane lady I discussed above) loved married a daughter of the person in power. Betrayal, they taught her how people betray.  Oliver Russel said "Darling - where are you? I miss you, miss you, miss you" followed by "I love you-s" and then all of a sudden he just left Leslie and married somebody else. Betrayal, that is what life is all about. 
Tell Me Your Dreams taught her that there are people who have multiple personalities (though this has been explained in an extremely different sense inside the novel). They will say something and they will do something else. Impostors they are! Impostors wrapped up in a blanket because the world outside is too cold for them. And without a blanket the extent of their fidelity, if any, will be revealed. 
Sidney Sheldon, though he played with the genre of crime, thriller and mystery but trust me he taught her the mystery of life i.e, people wrapped in blankets. Crime they commit and thrill that is caused.
At the end the conclusion that came out was, be alone. But is loneliness a solution? I don't think. I think she is wrong. She want to live alone when she doesn't know how to. Crazy!! Isn't it? 

But yes, a part of me agrees with her as Mandy Hale stated "If you learn to really sit with loneliness and embrace it for the gift that it is, an opportunity to get to know YOU, to learn how strong you really are, to depend on no one but YOU for your happiness, you will realize that a little loneliness goes a LONG way in creating a richer, deeper, more vibrant and colorful YOU." 
Well! I wish her luck, I want her to be successful in her goal of being alone and being happy altogether.