Saturday, 10 January 2015

They Can Be Best Friends Too

The love he recieved was excruciating while what he gave was staunch. 
A friend he is, a person who reflected her thoughts. Hurt and battered, he still had the courage to love. Having courage is what she learnt from him. 
He told her things of great consequence but she opposed all of them.
Inside she knew he was right and she followed them too.
His lessons well learnt by her. A survivor who is brave enough in her eyes. 
He is a friend who left his mother on her birthday for two hours and met her because she was sad. He is a friend who made her laugh while he did silly tricks on his bike. He is a friend who loved her "yaaayy thing". He is a friend she loves from all her heart. He is a friend she would regret losing. He is a friend who is not disgusted by the way she walks or talks or cry or laugh or think. He knows exactly what she wants, a swing and a sunset with an innocent goat.
We are lovers, we are friends. Friends love each other and we are the loving friends. Lovers are not always a girlfriend and a boyfriend. They can be BEST FRIENDS TOO.
Baby 😂
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  1. Well written once again. Speaks volumes of the person described. It is these lovely friends that make life beautiful. And what better way for a writer to honor their presence than writing something for them?

    1. Thank you Pradhyoth :) and yes, with writings you can make people feel special.