Sunday, 22 March 2015

Concealed Ardours

Winters are gone and the summer sun melts my freezed brain, giving way to all the thoughts that I locked before the winter started. All of them are wrestling amongst each other making their way out through my caged brain. I am feeling too much. I am percieving things and more than that, I am thinking too much. This whole process aches my mind but I am helpless and restless trying to keep myself at ease. 
Winters are gone, and now nothing is concealed. The sun shines bright making things visible. I can no more hide myself in blankets and jackets, concealing myself. Summer is here and everything is extremely hot and exposed.

Oh shit! A thought tickled my brain. A thought of burning everything I cannot conceal. Burning! Everything I CANNOT CONCEAL. 
Kenneth ©


  1. It would be nice if you'd add a subscribe button to your blog. I'm going backwards, reading all your articles from June all the way through January. And every thing I read, something new crops up about your style. One constant thing though, is your calmness. Your work is very serene and soothing. Lovely title, that. Keep it going.

    1. Thanks alot Pradyoth :) and you can follow me on google+ or follow concealed ardours on facebook and instagram. For insta it is concealed_ardours