Friday, 5 June 2015

A Room for Improvement

Out of all the things I learned in my school and college life, the main thing that I learned was to relax. It was not to worry about what people think of you; Who wants to be judged and interpreted? Nobody!
But we can still be the writer of ignorance and slacken ourselves. There is always a room for improvement. Imperfection is perfect, everybody feeds on it.
Don't shy away from asking what your mistake is, it will improve you.
People will babble about you for a while, and they all are going to forget you after that 'while'.
Why be a puppet in the hands of people's opinion? When you can be the dancer of your will's eyes?
Walk with head high on the nails of criticism, they will bleed you but also, it will grow the new skin of improvement. Be happy when you fail, you will know what you need to do in the next try.
Trials are the part of life; a lady after her miscarriage takes another chance.
Take that chance, be hopeful and remember, there is always a room for improvement.
Shed away the dried leaves of 'I know it all' and let the bud of 'I know nothing at all' grow.
Kenneth ©


  1. I used to worry a lot about things I didn't know, but now I try to treat every unknown thing like an exciting challenge, a chance to learn something new. I also like your point about criticism. Not caring as much about opinions and judgement, makes you feel a lot more calm and happy. <3

  2. Yes, it makes you feel realxed. :)
    People are going to judge you NO MATTER WHAT!

  3. The lines you've used all through this piece are crisp and catchy.Way to go.