Friday, 5 December 2014


Her mind was a dew on a dusky soul. She was an eloquent girl with a diary tucked between her folded hands and a blue ink pen slipped between the spirals of her diary. Daily she would travel to the highest mountain from her small house which was situated on a sloppy land. Her lips curved with a peaceful smile and eyes shining bright in the dim light of the evening sun that was about to set.
She looked like a loner but the question was, is she really a one? 
She daily climbed up the pinnacle in order to pen down something. That something was known only to her. She would then sit on a green bench under a tree which was dry-rotted, where Romello climbed up and sat beside her. Romello would lick her arm whenever she came and then sighed for a small gesture of hers. She forcefully pampered Romello by moving her palm with constraint over Romello's head. The dog always calmed himself after her response towards him. The girl then started penning down something that was known only to her. While she wrote, the dog laid beside her. And as she stood up, he would jump off the bench and run behind her. It seemed as if he didn't want her to go or maybe, he wanted her.
But that day was a different day. 
After the girl stood, Romello jumped off the bench and sat, watching her go. After a moment he ran behind her, clutching her thing leg with his claws. It looked as if this time he was pleading her not to go. The girl, irritated with Romello kicked her and started walking. He ran behind her again, but not much. Romello tilted his head on the right side and frowned as if something wrong would happen. 
She went a little forward and there she saw her lover. She grasped his hand and they started walking. Down the lane, a mile ahead, the guy shook his hand in anger and the girl's hand dropped while her innocent face was bottled up with questions. There was an argument that took place. Argument that was known only to them. They shouted and distanced themselves from each other. It looked as if this is the end of their relation. The girl started crying and went walking with a fast pace as if she was trying to escape everything that existed around her. The guy stood there watching her go, exactly like Romello, who was watching them fight. 
The next day the girl didn't turn up.
The second day was again the same. The dog was restless. He wanted her, the girl, the "forced gesture" from her. 
On the third day when he saw the girl coming, he ran to her, hopping and barking. He ran ahead of her and stopped. He turned around and wagged his tail. When the girl came near him, he again repeated the former steps of running ahead... 
The girl that day cried, her lips were dry and had lost there smile and her eyes had lost there shine which were now surrounded by the dark circles, even the evening sun was unable to add shine to her dusky soul. She sat on the bench and Romello hopped in merry on the same bench and sat beside her facing towards the left profile of the girl. 
The girl this time gestured Romello which was not a forced one. She turned and looked into his eyes while his eyes appeared to be watery. Romello laid beside her indicating her that she can write now. She smiled and that day she wrote about something which was known to everything present there; her pen, her diary and Romello. She wrote about Romello that day instead of writing about that murky relationship. She realized something and the REALization was REAL. A dog waited for her. After bearing all her rudeness, he waited for her gesture. Her lover went, who stayed with her for something days or years that only she knew. That day tear fell from Romello's eye and he slept. 
Kenneth ©