Friday, 21 November 2014

The Story

She was a story who wished to write a story, searching for a beat which would excite her tender words. She appeared to be an extrovert because of her outgoing personality who would start talking with anyone randomly. But inside she was just a closed new book, waiting for someone to open it.
On one cold winter evening, while sitting alone in a café near her college, she gazed deep into her hot coffee mug. She was lost in the reflection of her own blur face. Unknown to what was happening around her, she departed mentally from the world.
A guy in a hurry entered the café as if he had missed something there during his last visit. He went to her table and sat in the chair facing towards the left side of the girl, while her head was bent. The girl remained unnoticed while he fiddled with her diary, pen, plate and handkerchief lying on the table. Shocked, the girl looked towards him as if someone had woken her up from a sound sleep. She kept on looking at him while he juggled with her things lying on the table, flipping the pages of her diary. In a bombshell, she just stared at him while he soothed himself down and started reading the last page where she had stopped writing. She snatched the diary from him, spilling the coffee on the handkerchief and plate.
She shouted "What are you trying to do?"
He repelled "What is making you write my story in your diary? You don't know me!!"
"Oh hello. Mr. Your story? What are you talking about?" She answered back with the same force as his'.
"Chuck. Where is the paper which I Ieft here? It had a paragraph written on it. I am sure you would have taken it. You write, and you definitely won't mind stealing somebody's work." He yelled.
She replied in sudden disappointment because she was accused "Neither I know you nor I took any paper of your's that you would have left here. By the way! Do you also write?" She questionned meekly.
He still searching for the paper he forgot on the table. "Got it. Yeah! I do" he replied from under the table.
"Good. And thanks for accusing me." She smiled leaving him there with his newly found old paper.
He ran behind her to apologize and shouted "sorry! But my story in your diary made me wonder about your existence!".
She turned back and laughed "My existence? Can it be only your story?"
"Lets talk while walking if you don't mind." He smiled.
They walked till the end but the walk won't end. Two people with the same story.
She was in search of a beat and she got that. Now it will be easier for her to complete "The Story".

Kenneth ©


  1. Beautifully written. Prevails all sentiments here. i didn't blink my eyes while i was reding..looking forwardly for next post. You rocking keep it up.

  2. You are making earth interesting. Wow. :)