Monday, 10 November 2014

10 days of a horror movie: EXAMS

I daily elevate my brain and boast myself saying "Koi ni! College life hai. We will study. Kal se pakka." I open the syllabus, I learn the syllabus and close the register as if it will be the syllabus (not from the syllabus) that the examiner will ask. And when my friend asks "yr! Exam mai kya aa raha hai." I proudly blabber out the whole syllabus.
Exams always look like a horror movie to me. I shift in my bed, reminding myself of how the "register of the page looked". OOOPPPSSSss!! I mean page of the register. I think of it as a love letter, trying to read it with glittering eyes, but always end up reading it as a suicide note with tears in my eyes.
I enter into an imaginary world where there are all fairy tales and all I want is to live like "Gulliver", travelling the "Passage to India" and learning the "Way of the World" and realizing how true "Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy" are. But I feel like "The Rover" living in "The House of the Seven gables". I want a "Duchess of Malfi" with whom I can have few words of love, but "The Purloined Letter" (with its unknown content) stole my "Beloved" from me. It was then I realised how my "Locks" are "Raped" and the "Paradise" is "Lost". I "Crack- Up" and stare at the gables, wanting them to fall over my head. And now all I wait is for a "Dry September" where, again I will bunk my classes and wish to travel like "The Gulliver".
I won't shout in this horror movie, but I will surely want it to end AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
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