Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dooms Day

Her eyes were bright when she saw her son off to school. A smile of satisfaction guarded her lips. Satisfaction that her son will become a man, not a beast. Her son will watch over his family and his old mother. His father tucked his hands behind his back with his shoulders in form, stretched. He was proud of his son who reluctantly went to school daily and came back with good grades making his father feel that he will be a leader one day. 
But who knew that those inhuman humans will crush their bones? Who knew that their haunted soul will escape and make its way towards the deity in whose name they killed those angelic souls? 
The mother kept on waiting for his son, who won't come now and complain about his friend who stole his eraser. He won't tell his mother what he want for his birthday. Her ears will crave for his son's voice shouting "Ammi". She will wish for her death in order to re-unite with her lost son.
But the father's eyes won't cry because his bleeding heart will cry for his son's bleeding body. It will be like the dooms day for both of them, since their son was the world to them. 
Rest In Peace to the innocent children. "The smallest coffins are the heaviest." 
Kenneth ©

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