Sunday, 13 March 2016

ATTACHMENTS (what it is to me)

She often asked me questions out of nowhere and then she would expect me an answer. I know the starting is abrupt. But that is how it has always been. Once she asked me about beauty? Like come on? How can you ask a fugly person to write about "beauty"? Still I managed to write something on it.
AND NOW! Today she asked me to write on "ATTACHMENTS". I don't know what attachment is again. I got to think a lot. I am thinking while I am writing this. What fascinated you about today? I saw a silver lining yesterday.

YES! I am there. Near to what I conceive of 'attachments'.
So here is what 'attachment' is to me:

The door hanging on the hinges, sometimes close to each other, sometimes centimeters apart.
That end point on a beach where the water and the sky appears to meet.
The laces in my silver shoes (yes, I like silver shoes!) tied when "I" do that and separated when "I" choose that.

Let me sort this out.
Attachments, never made sense to me. It's like people speaking forged meaningless sugary words, metaphorically asking the other person to get attached and then waking up SOME FINE DAY and saying "hey, don't get attached. It is the worst thing that can happen, you know! And let us part our ways". And what the person is then left with is - "what was I doing for so long? Riding a duck?"
YES! that is what has happened with me like always. I got attached and the person told me that you were riding a duck and the duck is now dead. Dig a grave for all your emotions and all the good you have in you.
Attachment is like that door and hinge relationship. Sometimes you are close due to the presence of it and sometimes you are not, due to the presence of it, because that is when you want a person to be there, JUST BE THERE. And the attachment is in a way, that you don't want to get close, because that is where you find the real game being played.
It is that end point. Always there yet absent. Every time you get hurt, every time you get a little detached from the anticipated attachments.
It is my shoe laces with me being a binary. Tied with something firm, knotted with love, having firmness. Separate because my foot needs air, laces suffocate it. PLUS! misunderstanding, how can they be at bay? Misunderstanding is that neighbor who EVERY YEAR asks you about "what you EXACTLY do?"
"Aunty, Literature."
"Nice. Stick to it."
365 days gone, and AMNESIA.
"What are you EXACTLY doing?"
"Aunty, riding a unicorn."

But I am a liar, I am lying. Attachment is so much more than this.
It is so beautiful when it is reciprocated. Yes, attachment demands reciprocation too. Imagine being attached with someone who is equally attached with you?
It gives you hope, it breeds faith, love, trust and happiness, There is so much care when two souls are attached. It is really that hinge, holding you tight, telling you not to let go, tying you, giving you firmness. It IS that end point, where everything is magical and beautiful. It is the shoe laces playing with each other even when left apart, trying to reach out to the other.
ATTACHMENTS, here it is. 


  1. Riya! This is amazing. Really worth reading

  2. Very true, attachment is that thin line between love and friendship or between love and loved ones.

  3. Very true, attachment is that thin line between love and friendship or between love and loved ones.

  4. Amazing blog and usefull too.

  5. I like the way of the view of attachment as two laces tied or untied. Very Nice. :)