Thursday, 31 December 2015

HIM (A Poem)

The first time when I saw him,
His eyes pierced my wriggling soul, 
As if I was his very goal. 

And the touch of his hand,
It was the melting snow on a winter morning,
Cold but warm. 

Whenever he breathed out, his fragrance
Clung to my radiance.
A fragrance, I now smell, feeling him near me.
Beside me. Like it had happened on that cold wintry day.   
When we walked together till the skies turned grey. 

But little did I know that his touch would become a smoke,
Escaping from my soul, making my skin choke. 
And the holes that he fabricated in my wriggling soul
Would soon start aching. 
Creating the cracks; forcing it into breaking. 

I believed his eyes, and the melting snow,
But little did I know that even the eyes can lie,
Eventually making the heart cry. 

And now I sit, in between the four walls,
Unable to walk and only crawl. 
The heart stings with pain, 
Invisible and vain. 
Nobody knows the agony,
Questioning the extent of my sanity, 

But now I know, that this is just a state,
And soon it will pass away.