Saturday, 5 December 2015

Catharsis (A Poem)

What I write is the pain I endure,
With each trickling tear it is my soul that gets torn.

People read the syllables I write,
Each day and each night which is not so bright.

Nobody knows that all I want is for them to feel the pain,
That I have endured time and again.

But maybe, it is not the pain. 
It is just a cathartic experience that I gain,
After each word is spilled onto some paper that is plain. 

Therefore, I hope to exist in what I write,
So that I can feel the catharsis and then look at the sky.
Wishing to write this prodigious world,
With each word that I have ever loved.


  1. I saw the link on instagram so I decided to visit it. And what I's awesome. The the words, the rhymes, the deep and beautiful! Amazing writing! Each one of them. :)