Saturday, 15 August 2015

My Indescribable Infinity

A few days ago, someone asked me to describe you and immediately a smile lingered on my lips. I was speechless; I didn't know how to put you in words.
I could then see your silhouette as I walked away with your scent straggling with me. The words you had said played around my mind, repeating themselves, but I was unable to narrate it. I ran out of the combination of syllables.
It was so much difficult to describe you in merely a few collections of words, phrases or paragraphs.
You are so much more than just words.
But I tried! You told me, always to try even when it seems impossible. And I did, but all I could come up with was "my infinity" while you are so much more than just the infinity.

I wonder how could someone ask a person to describe you? Someone who is the winter's warmth, a bright sky, a deep ocean, my thought process, the magic I behold in my eyes, the comforting silence, a sweet lullaby. Indescribable.
But maybe, I don't want to describe you at all! I want to wander around all our memories.
I want to echo in your soul.
I will walk miles in search of you like a musk deer in search of the musk.
And then after discovering you, I will show you to the world and let them know that you were ineffable. And all they would do is NOD!