Thursday, 27 August 2015

Beauty (what it is to me)

It was the Tuesday moon shining in the dimly lit sky, with clouds shaped like fur balls and vanilla scoops hovering around it, teasing it.
I was in a deep slumber, noticing the manoeuvre with which the nature played its game, inviting the darkness to fall upon the day. Nothing could distract my firm gaze tied with an invisible rope but my phone! It rang. I could feel the vibrations in my pocket.
I hardly received any message at that time of the day, therefore, the vibrations elevated my eagerness to know what it was that made 'someone' text me!
The message read "What is beauty?". 
I, for a certain set of seconds kept on staring about what to reply when the the phone vibrated again. The next message read "Does it really matter?"
I don't know why, but THIS message made me smile.
I mean, someone asked a not-so-good-looking person, about beauty! Something about which I myself don't know. Something that is not with me, I guess because people often called me a misfit, a nerd.
Well! I am here to put what beauty means TO ME!
*Drum rolls*

Have you seen the landscape with which I started my blog? Well! you must have, and if you didn't then please search for the clouds shaped like fur balls and vanilla scoops teasing the whimsical moon. You will know what beauty means to me!
They say, you look prettier when the sun shines or under the moonlight. Well! You are BOUND to look like 'beauty' then, because, it is not the mascaras, liners, blushes, and lipsticks ruling your face. It is that evergreen immortal nature invading into the empty jungle of facial expressions.
Beauty is darkness! Because soft and humane hearts live behind those darkness. They crave for light and their craving is as pure as the third rain of the rainy season.
Beauty for me is when the sunflower changes its position with the sun, when the stone make ripples in the water, the lively bubbles created when the fish breathes.
It lies in his unspoken words and his unseen anger.
It is in your heart that is beating, making you feel alive, each second.
It is the wrinkles on your face that describe how hard or happy your life have been.
And yes, beauty like this do matter TO ME. This immutable and unfading beauty matters to me.
One day! we all will die. We all will die the same death, just in different ways. And what then will matter is how 'beautiful' your heart has been, your vision has been, your mind has been, throughout your life.
That is beauty, TO ME! 


  1. This is love! Write a book asap!!!

    1. Thank you :)
      P.S: I am still not a novel writing material :P but yeah, maybe someday.

  2. M speechless! :')
    You nailed it riya. No one can describe this "Beauty" concept so beautifully as u did... Love you loads!! xoxo :* <3

  3. You made a memory so beautiful which was lost in darkness! Thankyou!