Sunday, 14 February 2016

I Killed My Cupid (Poem)

They flew among the clouds, Foamy and soft, Naked as they were, Hurrying and lost. With a bow and arrow in their hands, They hunted souls around, But I am a sinner, I hunted my Cupid down, "No love was lost And no love found". I spanked their little buttocks, Pulled their cheeks, Brought them to tears, Transparent and clean. Took away their bow And their arrow, Watched them cry harder, Shaved their head bald, Cut their wings, And left them there, bearing my sin. Love is not happening. Love is nothing, I yelled at them. It is a slapstick fallacy, It is a space inside the space, Unfound and buried. I yelled. It disintegrates the heart, It kills the soul, Live with nothing that does not let you grow. I KILLED MY CUPID And buried the love he was shooting. Since love is an illusion, Useless and stupid.