Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A Letter To My Mother

Maa, I don't know when I called you 'Mumma' but I did, she knows that. I don't know, how it was for you to see me move, walk, hold and talk, but I know you were happy. I was the one you nourished in your womb for 8 months. The hazy memories remind me of you sacrificing every bits and piece for me. Sacrifice is painful but for you, it was always an honour because it was done for me. You are still selfless as ever. You are my home and you are my heart. 

People call their brothers, boyfriends and husbands their soul-mates, but for me, you are my soul-mate. I took birth from you. I am here because of you.
But there is something that scares me. And that something is this horrific cycle of life, where you would leave and I will be left alone. You always say "I will die one day" and all I then wish is for you to never say that again. I am scared of losing you. Whenever I see you sleep all I pray is for you to wake up the next day. The world resides in your eyes and the star shines when you smile. The sun seems dull when you are happy. You are my world, you will always be my world like it was when you first conceived me. But do you feel the same for me?